January 19, 2012

Kawawa Japanese Restaurant

Kawawa Japanese Restaurant 
 All You Can Eat & regular menu
Inside Metrotown (Convenient)
Agedashi Tofu

AYCE Sushi in the Mall typically ends up being mediocre  at best. Kawawa is a good example of this. The food overall isn't horrible (for the most part) and if you're not picky about Sushi quality, AYCE is a good recommendation. 
I recall this was either Chicken Teriyaki or Robata. It was on the dry side but the pool of Teriyaki sauce made it edible. 

The Oyster Motoyaki were AYCE style, cheesy with a tiny piece of oyster in the middle.

The Calamari/Fried Squid was cold and very chewy. We gave up trying to eat it. 

The Sashimi was not as bad as I had anticipated. It's not great quality but it's alright and cheap too.

The Pork Croquette and Corn Croquette were terrible. The Pork was fried until chewy and hard and the corn was very oily.
Agedashi tofu is one of my favorite appetizers. This was served hot and not drowning in a pool of dipping sauce. I recall ordering quite a few orders of this throughout our meal!

The Squid was rubbery and tasteless. Not very good at all...

The Beef Teriyaki was not bad! Plenty of sauce, it tasted like "the usual" and would be yummy if it was served with rice.

The mussels looked pretty sad and bland and it tasted just like that. 

My favourite part of the meal was the mango pudding! Yes it's cheap and a filler but I really liked them! A mango flavored jello-cross-pudding, I ate at least 6 of them.

Kawawa out of all the AYCE is the worst one and I would not return on my own. The food was not terrible, but it's not very good either.

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  1. Those mussels really do look sad. You'd expect them to be among the food with the best presentations because of the way they're usually served.