January 11, 2012

Caffe Artigiano - ♥Favorite Coffee Spot

Caffe Artigiano is one of my top go-to places for a latte..or two. They have great latte art skills and their milk contains microfoam!

The majority of the time, their barista's make a great cup of coffee.

I am not a coffee connoisseur but I do have a mini-criteria in my lattes. These include:
microfoam (silky, smooth bubbles) throughout ,  and good expresso : milk ratio (expresso is not too bitter/bland)
Also, since I generally order Caramel lattes, I tend to focus on the taste of it ; whether it's too sweet and artificial, and its aftertaste.

Generally, I like to order my latte's at Caffe Artigiano in small because I find the odds of a delicious latte are higher. Sometimes, the large and mediums don't have foam throughout :(
This one was OK, it didn't have microfoam throughout (1/4 was not) but I was happy. Anything is better than Starbucks who steam milk + scoop out foam on to your drinks.

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  1. My friend used to work here. Seems like Artigiano is one of the best and I hear everyone rave about it. (I don't drink coffee though, but yeah, I still hear good things.)

    They're pretty cool -- I think they enter barista competitions... pretty sure other coffee shops can't boast that about their baristas.