January 20, 2012

The American CheeseSteak Co.

The American CheeseSteak Co.
•Cheese + steak sandwiches
Vegetarian options available
All made to order
The Cowboy
The American CheeseSteak Co. is the only restaurant I know of in Vancouver serving strictly Cheese steak sandwiches.
I must warn you their sandwiches are mouthwatering (I'm wanting one right now!), full of meaty goodness and seriously delish.
The Cowboy (Large $12) comes with shaved prime rib, crispy fried onions, homemade BBQ sauce (spicy), bacon may and aged white cheddar. The combination of all the ingredients was perfect. 
The prime rib was tender, juicy and portions were generous. It went well with the white cheddar and the onions gave it a nice little crunchy texture. 
The bread was nice and soft on the inside, and held up all the meat and sauce very well.
The large is very filling and I have a big appetite! 
I just really like the sandwich ! I order it every time.

The Le Biftek (Large, $12) comes with shaved prime rib, caramelized onion jam, double-cream brie and dijon.
The creamy brie and prime rib was melt-in-your mouth goodness but as a non-cheese lover this was a bit too much for me. The arugula was fresh and crisp and the bitterness went well with everything.

I have gone back to The American CheeseSteak Co. several times, always ordering a Large Cowboy, and never leaving disappointed.
This place can get quite busy and since all sandwiches are made to order, there is a bit of the wait.
Their staff are great and I have chatted with Anthony Sedlak (the chef and winner of Food Network's Super Star Chef Challenge) on numerous occasions and is very friendly as well.

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  1. The cowboy is so good! My mouth is watering just thinking about it. The Le Biftek looks pretty good too, I might try that next time.