August 27, 2011

PNE Fair: BBQ Competition (Part 1)

The Fair at the PNE is back. Other than the usual Superdogs, Peking Acrobats and hoping to win the prize home, the highlight is the food. This year, there is much more variety in food stands and cuisines.  They is a BBQ Competition too!
My ultimate goal is to try each and every BBQ stand and see which is my favorite. In total, there are 5 stands, many that are American, proudly waving the American flag and their numerous trophies. With all the stands having huge signs, it is difficult to decide which one to try. Most customers just ended up following the crowd.
The stands were not busy and they were handing out free samples of the pulled pork and Gators was pretty good so we gave it a try.
Gators Pulled Pork Sandwhich-$7.
The pulled pork was lean with bits of fatty parts, and I could detect this was slow cooked and tender. Slightly smokey, and tangy I enjoyed their BBQ sauce as well. The bun was dry, no butter or anything on it. We ended up just eating the meat from it.There was plenty of meat. Too much for the bun to handle.
For $7 it is a fairly good deal. All meat and fills you up, even with a big appetite.
This pulled pork sandwich was much juicier and flavorful compared to Re-Up BBQ and Burgers Etc. BBQ House.

Dole's Frozen Yoghurt-$6cone, $5 cup
I was craving some ice cream after reading Good Eat's post on Costco's ice cream. Since we were waiting for the Superdog show, I tried the Dole's frozen yoghurt. The vanilla tasted bland, better than Ikea's though. The chocolate is better, but not by far. It reminds me of the malt ice cream from Old Navy Downtown.
After the show, I ended up walking behind one of the Dole staff who was carrying 2 buckets of the frozen yogurt "liquid". Uncovered and exposed, I don't think it is a sanitary method,


  1. Your goal is to go to try all of them? Wait did you already do this all at once? Man, the PNE is so expensive now! I remember when they had the free passes back in high school.

    I saw the BBQ competition and I really want to go and try them all too, but I'm not sure if I can handle it all in one day!

    And there's also other food I want to eat there too so :( It looks so delicious thoughhhh

  2. OH and thanks for the shoutout! :) I could use some good soft serve ice cream that isn't too sweet just about now.

  3. Holy crap, you're totally right about the PNE being expensive. I love how the neighborhood grannies are always trying to sell people parking spots for the day.

  4. @Janice: Oh dear no! I did over a few visits, can't eat that many in 1 day. Not even with my love for meat.
    I never got free passes in highschool, just in elementary. No fair!
    There's also "Crazy Dogs" I initially wanted to try but after eating the BBQ's I changed my mind.

    @Peter: You should see the ladies in action! They literally get into your car when you agree to park at their place. I even remember someone paying $40 for a spot because the lots were all full. Parking ladies amuse me.