August 29, 2011

PNE Fair: BBQ Competition (Part 2)

Smoke and Bones is from North Vancouver and judging by the lineups throughout the day, the most busiest.   I have a feeling it has something to do with the fact that they have the largest display and located right in the middle.  As mentioned in my previous post,(PNE Fair: BBQ Competition (Part 1)), I wanted to try all the BBQ stands. 

Smoke & Bones Pulled Pork Sandwich-$7
Unlike Gators, Smoke and Bones serves their sandwiches with coleslaw.
The coleslaw was nothing spectacular. Rather, it was bland. No tang or creamy texture. The vegetables were not the freshest either. The slaw from Re-Up is much better.
The pulled pork was not very "pulled pork like." Chunky,lean and dry, I did not like it. The BBQ sauce has a strong tomato-base flavor and on the sweeter side. I would have liked some more sauce in my sandwich.
The bread was very dry, as if they just left it out in the open all day and dried out. 
The portion of pork was not as large as Gators, about 2/3 but the coleslaw made up for it. 
The sandwich overall was not all that great. There's better ones at the PNE.

Canadian Kettle Corn-$5 Small, $7 Large
Addictive. Sweet but slightly salty, I can't stop eating these while walking around. Unfortunately, by the time I notice, I'm almost finished the bag.
Tip: Ask for a warm/fresh bag. I find they taste the best when warm.

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