August 30, 2011

PNE Fair: BBQ Competition (Part 3)

QN4U was the first BBQ stand I had stumbled upon and I was impressed by the number of trophies won from BBQ'ing. Unlike many of the other booths, instead of a BBQ display upfront, they have a massive "machine" out in the back that slow cooks their meats.

I thought the writing on the to-go containers was a nice touch and very smart. None of the competitors I visited reminded me about voting, and the competition.
Their menu is essentially the same as each booth as well as a rib sampler ($8) that seemed inviting.
QN4U Pulled Pork Sandwich-$8
(sorry for the dark, shade spot in the picture)
The sandwich is simply, pulled pork with BBQ sauce on a bun. This one was good,  but not great. The meat was "pulled" and tender but there was a lack of sauce to moisten the meat and the bun.
The bun here was better, and leaning towards a ciabatta bread rather than the typical hamburger bun. 
So far, I have not been impressed by the bun on any of the sandwhiches; too dry! 
The potato salad was very silky and smooth. Very enjoyable with its chunks of potato and creamy but refreshing taste. One of the better potato salads I have had in a long while. 

That night we ended up grabbing another pulled pork sandwich from Gators. Being surrounded by all that meat and BBQ sauce was drool-worthy.
The Gator's pulled pork sandwich has so far, been my favorite. Although it might not be evident in the picture, there was plenty of BBQ sauce and delicious pulled pork for me.
We ordered a side of Gator Taters($1), made of baked potatoes with plenty of butter. Simple and just OK.


  1. Wow, you are really going through with this huh? I love meat, and I can eat a lot of it, but my head would be spinning right now if I ate as much as you're aiming for, haha!

  2. @Peter
    I ended up going to every single one! I could not have finished them all by myself, I needed some..errr lots of help eating them all.
    All this pulled prok is too much for 1 person to handle.