September 02, 2011

PNE Fair: BBQ Competition (Part 4)

Finally! I managed to try all the stands at the PNE's BBQ. I must admit, I will miss having the opportunity to eat so much meat smothered in BBQ sauce. The remaining places I had  not visited were Crazy Canuck Smokers and Prairie BBQ.
Crazy Canuck Smokers

Compared to the other stands, Crazy Canucks had the least "attention grabbing stall look" but the main focus is the food!
Crazy Canucks Pulled Pork Sandwich-$7
The pulled pork was the most tender, and juiciest out of all the stands. They used a fattier cut of pork and the melted fat was a big plus. The meat had a distinct fragrance to it, probably the smoke chips they used? I liked it.Too bad the pork was not pulledIt was chunky, but some do prefer the chunkier style. The portion was large and extremely filling. This could serve 2 people as a snack, or light meal.I could not finish the entire burger myself!
The bun was a typical sesame topped burger bun but it was not dry like the rest of them. Eaten all together with the BBQ sauce and juicy meat, so good!
I was not a fan of their sauce. It was on the tart side, with strong tomato base.

Prairie BBQ 

Prairie BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich
Simply put, this left me hungry and unsatisfied. The meat was dry, and a bit tough. The sauce was sour, and resembled Ketchup. 

Yes! We had another Gator's Pulled Pork Sandwich!Although Crazy Canucks has my favorite pulled pork sandwich, I liked Gator's BBQ. I think I want to buy a bottle of their sauce now! Hehehehe
As you can see, ChilliPepper had a little accident while at the Sauce station and ended up drowning everything in BBQ sauce =____=. Lucky for her, I like the BBQ sauce.
We also ordered a few of the sides. The baked potatoes were just nugget potatoes. Eh, nothing out of the ordinary. Their Gator Taters are better.
I don't remember asking for this and didn't notice the beans were there until we left. A variety of stewed beans, drowned in BBQ sauce. Since they were drowned in BBQ sauce, they were flavorful. Heck, I love beans, whether sweet or salty.

So who gets my vote as my favorite BBQ stand? My favorite is Crazy Canuck's but Gators is a close second.

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