August 25, 2011

La Brasserie Street

No more Kimono Koi Crepes? La Brasserie Street  opened this year, replacing the old crepe stand location. They have some yummy butter tarts and famous roast chicken sandwiches.
I have visited the La Brasserie Restaurant location previous (La Brasserie) and witnessed someone order their  tower-sized La Brasserie Burger. Their roast chicken is juicy and good looking to the point where I almost drooled just looking at it!
Note: Did anyone notice there was Chinese on the signboard?

The lineups at La Brasserie Street guarantee a sell out early in the day. Make sure to visit early. I made the mistake of lining up in the "Ordered" line vs "Ordering" line. Oops.
By the time my order was ready, the line was all the way to the Skytrain entrance.
Chicken Sandwich
(beer brined rotisserie chicken, gravy, fried onions)
I did not like the onions. They were not crisp, and delicious. Instead, they were soggy, soft, and oily. It is understandable given they are pre-fried and all but I simply did not like it.
 The chicken however, was very tender, and juicy. I could not taste any "beer brine" but along with the gravy, it was very flavorful.
The portion is generous and filling and grab some extra napkins. You will need them :]

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  1. I saw they were featured on 24 yesterday and I was going to go, but then I ended up going to Bun Me instead because it was more on the way.

    Gravy sounds so delicious, but ugh, oily onions does not sound like fun times!

  2. Reading the 24 always tempts me to eat! I tried Bun Me when it was still Poke'm, the Banh Mi's look tempting.