December 20, 2011

Toyama Japanese Restaurant

Toyama Japanese Restaurant 
All You Can Eat & regular menu
Plenty of nearby parking
Gomae roll

Toyama Japanese Restaurant is another all-you-can-eat restaurant just off Robson, across from H-Mart.
The menu had the standard dishes such as sushi rolls, sunomono, and sashimi etc. The food was not bad or delicious but I wouldn't return.

The Agedashi Tofu was weird. Instead of firm tofu, they used tofu puffs. I didn't like it.

In the first batch of rolls, we went for the Gomae roll, Yam Roll, Chicken Teriyaki Roll, Spicy Salmon Roll, Spicy Tuna Roll and Chopped scallop roll.

The one that stood out the most was the Gomae Roll.Considering the fact that spinach is one of my favorite veggies, I really liked it. There was a nice sesame dressing mixed into it. We ended up ordering another dozen or so pieces of this!
The rest of them were standard taste-wise.

I was just surprised how tiny the Salmon, Scallop and Tuna rolls were!

The yam fries were a complete miss. They were extremely oily and not crispy. Bad bad bad.
The Motoyaki was better than expected. They used whole oysters and the mayo-sauce was a bit cheesy and not too oily.

At AYCE it's a must to eat sashimi. The quality was decent given it's unlimited and the rice was not bad! Not mushy, a bit chewy and light vinegar.

The sashimi was sliced thin, but reasonable.

More sushi rolls...the BC roll's salmon skill was not crispy. Another miss.

I forgot the name of these but they were terrible. Rock hard exterior and rice flour based, it was sweet and salty but not very tasty.

Apparently this is Salmon Belly. It looked so sad on the plate. Tough and chewy, I didn't like it. Wierd enough, we ordered this in our first order and it was the last dish that arrived.

Toyama is another one of those places that skips some of your orders.
I guess they underestimated the appetites of 2 girls. We left full but not satisfied.

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  1. We ate here a couple of weeks ago too and found the food to be subpar as well. I actually felt sick when I left the restaurant, and I found out a couple of my friends also got sick later that night :(
    Agreed, we ordered a bunch of raw oysters(place was pretty quiet)..and our order didn't come till the very end when we asked for the bill(we already ordered 2 more times since then) annnnnd other tables had gotten their oysters even though they weren't even seated yet when we placed our order.
    Soo, was not impressed with this place at all.

  2. Oh goodness, I have been sick because of AYCE a few times too and not just because of over eating.
    I wouldn't dare ordering raw oysters at an AYCE as I'm too concerned about food poisoning at these kind of places.
    DID YOU KNOW: I was told Motoyaki shells are reused(+bleached) and filled with 1/2 an oyster when serving-I noticed this at pretty much all places.
    I'm usually not impressed w/AYCE but I do like Shabusen hehehehe

  3. AYCE? Haha, After stuffing my face full of food during the holidays, it makes me physically ill to think about AYCE sushi at the moment.

    My brother and I got food poisoning twice from Shabusen on Granville, and my friend got food poisoning once at Tomokazu. It was like the lovely water fountains at Aberdeen Mall, except substitute the water with vomit, lol!