December 19, 2011

Provence Marinaside Restaurant

Provence Marinaside Restaurant  
Southern French Cuisine
Large Wine Selection

Provence Marinaside Restaurant serves dishes from the South of France and boy, was I unimpressed! 
MissChef wanted to try their Taste of Yaletown menu but I wasn't interested in it and stuck with their regular menu. 
The complimentary crostini was nicely toasted and the Tapenade spread had a good balance of flavors.. It's a Provencal specialty with ingredients that include olives, capers and anchovies.

Another complimentary dish, the bread basket. The focacia was served luke warm for a (failed) "fresh out of the oven" feel and was soft inside and slightly crisp outside. With that being said, it was served with one of my food pet peeves..cold, hard butter. 
Neither MissChef nor I touched the butter.
Their menu is large with the main focus on seafood. I looked at the menu a few times before ordering and nothing stood out. We both had the Seafood and Oyster Stew.
The Seafood and Oyster Stew had white wine, fennel, saffron, oyster(TINY!), scallop, prawn, cream and sable fish. 
The ingredient list sounded delicious but it was pretty bad. The soup took forever to arrive and when served, it was lukewarm-cold for my standards. Where were the oysters? They were tiny but fresh and delicious. The sable fish was well cooked but slightly overdone. 
The worst part was the stew. It looks and tastes just like Kraft Dinner's Cheese Macaroni powder..just soup version. I just ate the ingredients and left the soup.

The side of Steamed Veggies($5) was not very good either. Some were over cooked and the brussel sprouts were undercooked and bitter. 

Provence Marinaside  also has a large selection of cold dishes. I just question how long they have been left out there on display.

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  1. I love your rating system! BOMB! hahaha
    Their breakfast is pretty good if you ever decide to head back.

  2. loveee the rating system too hehe :)
    I heard their crab and lobster omelette is really good too, exp though, $24!

  3. Hahaha thanks guys :)Thinking of tweaking the rating system a bit but not sure yet.
    @Janice the stew I ordered was $18, exp and I should have ordered the omlette! Sounds yummy