December 12, 2011

Thierry Patisserie

Thierry Patisserie 
Fresh on-site baked goods 
Large variety of hot/cold beverages and Liquour
Coffee and Cranberry Macarons

 After dinner at Aki(post here), Janice(Good Eat), Amy(Food Queen)and Diana (Foodology) and I all went for some dessert at Thierry Patisserie. 
Thierry, part of the Top Table Group seems to be the new "it" place for dessert and coffee! I can see why it's packed with customers daily. 
Everything is fresh and made on-site. There's a large variety of desserts ranging from cakes to madelines, croissants, hot/cold drinks...there's just too much to list.
Good news: Thierry does not have peanuts in their products!
There was so many choices it took us all a while to decide what to order.

I ordered a Caramel Latte to go with my dessert. It was almost bitter and not very smooth. The milk was filled with macrofoam but  I was impressed by their latte art skills. 
When I was drinking it, I almost forgot it had caramel added. Either they forgot to add it or the bitter flavor masked everything.

I ordered the Pistachio Chocolate Cake($5.75). It's composed of: Chocolate genoise, mousse, and pistachio mousse. 
I looked up what genoise was and it's an Italian spongecake that uses air from the batter for volume instead of chemical leavening agents. It has a dry, elastic texture.
I was not particularly fond of the cake because of the dryness (I like my cakes fine and moist) and the mousse was not rich and smooth enough to balance out the cake. The mousse reminded me of thick butter cream icing on cupcakes. 
The pistachio mousse taste-wise was yummy with bits of pistachio on top and I could taste it in the mousse. 
Diana ordered the Eclair and she seemed to like it. I haven't had a chance to try it out yet as the last few times I have revisited, they were sold out.

Amy ordered the Pain au Chocolat. She commented on how the chocolate filling was very little-I noticed this when I ordered one on another visit. It was flaky but lacked the buttery goodness I expected. 

I ordered a croissant and an apple strudel toogo- both didn't have the buttery and flakiness I look for.
I was not impressed by Thierry and it didn't live up to the hype(most places don't anyways). 

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  1. Oh you didn't try the macarons! I heard they're good... unlike the horrible ones I had at Thomas Haas.

  2. Oh I have! Too many to count now, I def. recommend them!