June 05, 2012

Sushi Garden

 Sushi Garden across from Metrotown is a well known restaurant for inexpensive, large portions of sushi. On any given day, the place is packed and line ups are a regular sight.
For the price, the quality and the overall experience was expected. You definitely "get what you paid for" here.

We started off with an Assorted Tempura. Everything was crispy and nicely battered. It was enjoyable, and better than expected.

The California Roll was average at best. 
The Chicken Teriyaki with fried chicken was paired with cucumber, and drizzled with Teriyaki sauce. The chicken was served lukewarm, I didn't enjoy it.

The Katsu Roll was my favorite. The deep fried pork was border lining tough, and chewy, but  I thought it was an enjoyable roll. A Katsu snuggled between sushi and cucumber, I liked it.

The Cheesie Roll(?) was the most "intresting" of all the dishes. It's a basic california roll, that's baked in mozzarella and cheddar cheese drizzled with teriyaki sauce. If you like cheese, and california rolls, I would highly suggest you order this on your next visit. 

Sushi Garden doesn't serve delicious sushi but it's inexpensive, and their portions are on the larger side. I prefer Sushi Garden over any Sushi restaurant in Metrotown
Very busy and line ups are long if you come during peak hours
Service...what service? :P

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