June 16, 2012

Zipang Sushi

Japanese or Thai? Decisions...decisions. After checking out the cool stores on Main Street,  MissMermaid and I got really hungry. It was a coin toss to decide what we would eat for lunch. The coin landed on heads, Japanese it is!
We got there pretty early, and were the only customers in the restaurant but by the time our mains arrived, the place was almost full.
They have some cool-sounding roles like the Saba Way, Venus, and Black Cactus! They serve Okonomi yaki, and Takoyaki balls as well as the usual Donburi's, noodles and rolls.

 My favorite was the Black Cactus Roll($6.95). The sesame was toasted, and very fragrant. The roll had cucumber and (canned) tuna with mayo. Basically, a tuna sandwich but sushi version. It was very simple and I have replicated this at home. 
The Wild Sockeye Salmon Roll was fresh and  enjoyable.

The Seafood Okomi Yaki was a disappointment. Too much bland filling and not enough flavor and seafood. I wouldn't order this again. It was very filling and by the time our mains arrived, I was almost stuffed.

The Vegetable Fried Udon was very greasy. The veggies, and noodles were covered in oil. It was borderlining unedible for me. I had one bite and that was enough for me. 

The Seafood Pasta had clams, shrimp, and scallops. It was simple, and light with the herbs and seafood together. I enjoyed this. Nothing special but a good dish.

Cool rolls
Lunch box specials are popular

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