June 19, 2012

Banana Leaf

Banana Leaf specializes in Malaysian cuisine,with a blend of China, Indonesia, Thailand,Singapore and India inspirations.
Within 604, they have 4 locations in total and have won countless awards.
Is their food as fantastic as the reviews seemed?
DentistryGirl and I decided to pay a visit to their Kits location and see what the hype was all about.
Since DentistryGirl already ate before we met up, I was in charge of doing all the eating.
They still had their lunch specials going on and I decided to go for my "usual's".
Writing this post makes me miss Seri Malaysia!

The Roti Canai was not a good way to start off our meal. It was oily, doughy and lacked the flakiness I would have expected.

The Rendang Beef Curry...at least the rice was fragrant? It's served with rice as well as a side of vegetables. Rendang can be very time consuming and takes hours until the meat is tender and all the flavors of the spices and coconut milk is simmered down. 

Their boneless leaned beef was lean, dry and tough. I could taste some of the spices in the beef but it was very dry and didn't have much flavor. 
The curry to me, seemed very "localized," and the spice level was too toned down. 

The side of Veggies, were simple, but I didn't enjoy it. It looked and smelled like curry+veggies but was very bland. Since DentistyGirl loves veggies, and seemed to enjoy them though

Wouldn't recommend roti canai or Rendang beef curry
Flavors and spices are toned down -I was hoping for more!
Prices and portions are reasonable

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