April 26, 2011

Rasoee Indian Kitchen

Once again, I wanted to use my Goodnews coupon since I was nearby. I could smell the spices as I was standing outside their entrance, so much spice.
The place was surprisingly clean and modern and the menu had a good variety.

I knew what I came here for...

Rasoee Signature Beef wrap with Rasoee Dip
(beef, basmati rice, diced veggies) 
Not to pleasing to the eye.
This was just so-so. I just went with the rasoee sauce which was a mistake for me since I am not a fan of yoghurt with salty foods. The meat was very tender and the spices were so fragrant but I could not really taste the spices. It was all masked by the creamy-tart yoghurt.
The naan was too thick and chewy.

Modernized flavor (I prefer more traditional)
For $7, I would probably head to Babylon for a donair, more filling or Gyudon for a beef bowl combo.

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