April 24, 2011

Slingers Food Truck

Food trucks seem to be popping up along Broadway! First Coma Food Truck Slingers Food Truck just opened for their 3rd day when I visited. They serve local and preservative free foods but I was very disappointed!
Just look at this menu....

Yes, simple menus can be good but not the way Slinger does it. No offence, but most of these foods I could find or make at home easily, or find pretty much anywhere. I bet most cafeterias sell this type of food. But I should not judge their food because of menu...

The Mac-Attack-$6.99
(cheese macaroni with chipotle pepper)
I did not like this at all, well aside from the perfectly cooked macaroni. The sauce was bland it tasted like creamy-salty with cheese that did not have the stringy cheese! This was pretty much cafeteria-like food. In the sauce were bits of parmesean cheese that I found wierd and did not enjoy. 
WHERE IS THE CHIPOTLE KICK? The black pepper had more "kick" than the chipotle. The only evidence to guess it was chipotle was the orange-y sauce.
The menu claims it to be "cheesiest of the cheesy macaroni", it really was not.
A slight crunchy topping would have made this better. 
The portion was small, the size of a take out container for left & expensive. I would not pay more than $6 with tax for a portion of this size.

Since Slingers and Coma food truck are on the same block just stores away, I would easily choose Coma food truck over this. Their variety and prices are better and taste better too.

Expensive & small portions
Serve preservitive-free food
Will not return

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  1. I ate their Signature, it was just so-so. But I do agree they are expensive!!

  2. Based on the menu, the info on their web site i really doubt i would add Slinger's on my to try list.
    but i imagine there is a market for folks who want the convenience or cant cook..

  3. @Kim: If the portions were decent, I think prices could be ok. Then again I have not seen what the signature looks like.
    @TimetoChow: It is pretty much just regular food, I won't be going back unless there are major changes. There are so many restaurants nearby, pretty much in front of them. I don't know how they are going to make themselves stand out.
    I can barely cook and I think I could make a better mac-n-cheese...

  4. Wow, I just paid 8 dollars for my terrible mac (with tip). I couldn't agree with you more. I really wish I would have found your review first.
    I made the mistake of checking Yelp, and wouldn't you know, but their three friends had reviewed the place. Keep up the great work!
    I will say that the owner contacted me, but so did one of their "fake" reviewer friends who didn't hesitate to try to bully me for my own review. Not cool at all!

  5. Hi All,

    My name is Kayti and I am the owner of the Slingers. Thank you all for your comments and I appreciate the feedback. I wish that I had found this site earlier. As we are only a month old, we are taking all feedback and actioning accordingly. I have been tweaking our recipes weekly and we are in the process of elimanting items of the menu so we can focus on what we know sets us apart - the Parmasan sandwich.
    I do hope that you will give us another try as our only goal is to be providing quality food to the streets of Vancouver.
    Thank you,

    Kayti Coughlin