April 22, 2011

La Brasserie

Initially, Fishballs and I did not plan to visit La Brasserie but once Fishballs found out of their special of the day, we decided to check it out.

While Fishballs was looking at the menu, I immediately noticed to delicious looking baked chicken by the winder that the chef was preparing for the night. Right away, I had an idea of what I wanted to order

Truthfully, nothing on the menu excited me. Not because the food was boring but because I am not used to ordering or eating anything aside from Asian cuisine. Initially, I did want to order the chicken but roast chicken will always be roast chicken.
Complimentary Bread
The bread was a bit dry for my taste and served lukewarm. There was a selection of 2 types and I liked the brown bread more than the white.
It was served with a pork spread, which I liked especially with the chives. The texture was just like tuna and tasty with the bread. I wanted more bread for this!
I still do not understand why hard butter is served with cold bread?
Truffle Poutine -$9
The fries were fried perfectly and simply fried which went well with the gravy. The truffle gravy was excellent, not too salty and a good consistency. They used a truffle oil that was strong, but not overpowering. I really liked it. The portion was reasonable but I would have preferred a little more gravy in the middle.
However, I think this could easily be made at home.

Braised Rabbit-$23
(braised rabbit wrapped in black forest ham, served with vegatables and spaetzle)
Fishballs came here just for this and she really enjoyed it. The braised rabbit was wrapped in black forest ham. The ham went well with the rabbit since it was not loaded with sodium and the rabbit was perfectly cooked.
The veggies were perfectly cooked, and fresh.
This was my first time having speatzle. It tasted similar to gnocchi but softer. The way it was prepared, it was creamy but delicious.

The table next to us ordered the Brasserie burger and it was BIG! Was I tempted? Yes, but I would rather pay $7 for the food cart one or, share the Brasserie burger since it comes with fries.

Food was excellent
Reasonable portions
Decent prices
So-so service

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