November 23, 2011

La Brasserie Street

La Brasserie Street 
W.Georgia & Granville Street
Food Cart
Open for lunch (sells out quick)
Sells Chicken Sandwiches only 
Chicken Sandwich

La Brasserie again? I am hooked on their chicken sandwiches. I'm glad I gave them a second chance.
The sign upfront said "World's Best Butter Tarts". My knowledge on butter tarts only go as far as the ones from Grocery stores-not the best representation of what they taste like. I searched up butter tarts on Wikipedia and it states
butter tart is a type of small pastry tart highly regarded in Canadian Cuisine and considered one of Canada's quintessential desserts. The tart consists of butter,sugar, syrup, and egg filled into a flaky pastry and baked until the filling is semi-solid with a crunchy top."
I  found this to be quite interesting.
La Brasserie Chicken Sandwich
The first time I had one of these, the onions were much smaller pieces (almost like deep fried shallots you buy at Asian grocery stores) and oily. The last two times, they were delicious-not oily and still had some crunch to them. Too bad they could not be fried on the spot. It's understandable why they don't but it would be delicious!
The chicken again, is moist and tender,the brine is flavorful and the bun is soft. More descriptions on the Chicken Sandwich  can be found in my previous post here.
Oh-make sure to get your stamp card stamped! Buy 7 and the 8th one is free. I'm almost at my free one already!
World's Best Butter Tart($2)? The pastry was buttery and flaky that made me wish I bought another one. The best part was the filling, it was buttery and the sugar level was perfect for me. I prefer my desserts on the less sweet side so it was pretty good. The best butter tart I have had so far.
At $2 each, it's a bit pricey but the size of them makes up for it.

I wanted to thank La Brasserie for offering me a replacement butter tart when I accidentally dropped mine on the floor while grabbing my sandwich. Thank you! :)

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  1. I still haven't been able to go!! They're always sold out whenever I do and I have work on weekdays. >:(

    Stop tempting me Gloria! You make me want to call in sick! haha