November 22, 2011

Bubble World @ Robson

Bubble World @ Robson
1325 Robson St. 
Bubble Tea Cafe
3 Berry Slush
Red Bean Slush

I must confess that I love Bubble Tea(BBT). I can drink it like water, any time, any day. This makes me a bit picky when it comes to BBT and Bubble World is one of my all time favorite places to grab one.
Bubble World is a franchise with locations around Vancouver, Burnaby, and Surrey. Their drink menus are virtually identical and some locations also restaurants. One of the main reasons I am a fan of Bubble World is due to their flavor consistency at all locations.

We ordered a Milky Coffee Tea w/Pearls (left) and a Milk Tea w/Pearls.The two are essentially the same except with the addition of coffee in one of them. I like how they don't drown the drinks in syrup and their tea to milk whitener ratio is almost just right and is consistent at all their locations. You can still taste the tea in them. My ATF and the only BBT I order is the Milk Tea.
The pearls are cooked just right, with QQ chewy texture and lightly sweetened.

The sign on their window says "Food Coming Soon" but for now, they just have a small, limited variety of snacks.

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