December 06, 2011

Tsui Woo Seafood Restaurant (家鄉邨酒家)

Tsui Woo Seafood Restaurant (家鄉邨酒家)
Dim Sum daily
Popular with locals
Chive Shrimp Ha Gow

Tsui Woo is next door to Bon's of Broadway serving daily dimsum. Their dishes are pretty cheap at $2.50 each. 
We ended up coming here when we noticed Golden Phoenix was closed and Phoenix Garden was under renovation.
Sadly, they don't have push carts :(. They use the order forms instead.

The Shu Mai was very salty and heavy with MSG. A good ratio of shrimp to pork but very little Chinese Mushrooms. 

The Ja Liang (deep fried chinese donut with rice noodle) did not taste very fresh. The donut was oily, like it was old and re-fried. It was not very crisp either.
I usually love this dish but this one was sub par.

Pan Fried Eggplant is another favorite dish of mine. This version, lacked salt and flavor. At least the eggplant+shrimp puree was nicely fried with slight crispyness.

Chive Shrimp Ha Gow had to be the best dish we ordered. Plenty of chives and shrimp, just 3 of them took up the whole basket. It was not spectacular but it was a solid dish.

The chopped garlic dominated all the flavors in the  Spareribs! All I could taste was garlic and the spare ribs were over tenderized and lost the meat-y texture. It did have a nice spice-kick though.

I forgot what this was called but this one was yummy! It's a variety of seafood (shrimp, fish, artificial crab meat etc,) wrapped in Napa Cabbage. It was a very light-flavored dish and I could still taste the sweetness of the cabbage. 

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  1. Pan Fried Eggplant is one of my favorite too! This reminds me of the restaurant catering New York which serve this kind of dish.

  2. I tried one seafood restaurant catering in Long Island and they offer some dish like what Tsui Woo Seafood Restaurant is serving. Looks like you just like the Chive Shrimp Ha Gow from their menu. I guess if I visit there I will try that one first.