October 24, 2012

Lucky Joy BBQ Restaurant

A few of my relatives wanted to have a family dinner over at Lucky Joy BBQ Restaurant. Since it was my first visit, I wasn't sure what to expect. The restaurant itself looked pretty run down, with old table cloths and decor. The rotating center piece (Lazy Susan) was unevenand lopsided. Anyways, despite a disappointing first impression, I'm here for the food!

The complimentary soup was weak and bland, with little veggies and bones for us to pick at. We ended up not having enough soup to go around and they had to return with a "refill".
For some odd reason, the first dish at the table was lobster. There wasn't much meat in this little lobster and I found it too greasy.
The Fish Maw soup was definitely below average in quality and taste. It was bland and flavorless. In my bowl, I had quite a few bones in it as well. It wasn't served with any pepper or vinegar, and it took constant reminders for the server to finally bring us some. By the time the condiments arrived, half our table was already finished their soup.
The Shrimp and veggies with cashews was standard, like any other Chinese restaurant.
On the menu, the Eggplant with Edamame sounded different and out of the ordinary but the dish was literally just that. The eggplant was undercooked and the beef was over tenderized.
The Hainanese Chicken was very salty and the ginger dipping sauce that it came with really needed some green onions in it. This dinner was not off to a good start.
The Crab was prepared much better than the Lobster but again, it was on the greasier side.
The Chinese Beef was tender without being over tenderized and the sauce was savoury with a nice tang.
Gai Lan with Beef. Standard but quite a few stalks of it were "older" and hard to chew.
The pea shoots with bean curd was nice and light. It's bland, but since our meal was so heavy, I appreciated its simplicity. The bean curd was fresh, and I ended up eating most of it (sorry!).
The Deep Fried Prawns with Chilli were my favorite of the night. Nicely fried, there was plenty of garlic and chilli, just the way I liked it. It was spicier than many at our table would have liked, but to me, this was mild.
The Deep Fried Squid was identical to the shrimp, and I enjoyed this. Nicely fried and it came piping hot. Taste wise, it's pretty average.
The Fish and Tofu Hotpot was also average. The flavors didn't seep into the ingredients and quite oily.
Lastly, the Honey Garlic Spareribs. They were dry and overfried. The ones at the food court probably tasted better than these ones.

"local neighbourhood restaurant"
Quite busy
Reccommend the fried shrimp and squid

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