October 23, 2012

Hi Genki

A restaurant in a senior's home? I would assume they'd be serving oatmeal and coffee but this restaurant is no typical establishment. Hi Genki is a Japanese restaurant serving up some delicious meals in one of the strangest places. It's quite popular with locals old and young, and their food makes you want to come back for more.

We started off with an Matcha Ice Tea. There was a strong matcha taste and was very refreshing with the lemon.
The Salmon Curry was simple and satisfying. Japanese curries aren't as spicy as Indian curries, which I prefer. The curry had depth and wasn't bland. It came with 3 large pieces of fried Salmon, a generous amount (I would be happy with just two). The salmon was well fried and tender. I would order this again.
Charliebear loves Chicken Karrage and of course, he ordered it. The chicken was tender and well fried but nothing out of the ordinary. Pretty standard.
The Deep Fried Ice Cream (~$5) was a good way to end our meal. They reminded me of life size Pok√© Balls!
They weren't "deep fried" in the way I had imagined. Rather than being battered, the ice cream was crusted with cornflakes. The inside was standard vanilla ice cream and drizzled with strawberry sauce.
I prefer this version over the battered version. Next time I'll order the banana tempura with ice cream.

Simple, and delicious
Reasonable prices (under 10)
Generous portions

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