October 16, 2012

Sha Lin Noodle House 少林麵莊

 Sha Lin Noodle House used to be near Cambie but moved as the entire block is turining into condos. Sha Lin specializes in hand pulled noodles, they're back, with a bigger location too!
 We went right after their lunch rush but they were still quite busy. It's about triple the size of their previous location.
They even changed their teapots! Yes, I go there that much.
 The knife sliced fried noodle with chili oil and pork wasn't spicy but it was alright. Their meats are dry but flavors (has soy bean paste) was pretty good. It's nothing spectacular but we usually have an order of this each time. It's quite filling and the noodles "expand" in your stomach quite quickly.
 The beef and green onion stir fry was pretty bland, oily and the meat was tough.
 I like to order the fried buns, with half meat/half veggie for a good assortment. The buns are nice and golden crispy on the outside and filled with either pork or veggies. Both of them are nicely seasoned, the meat one is tender and flavorful and the veggie one has so much flavor and the filling is just tasty. I actually prefer the veggie ones over the mean fried buns.
My favorite noodles at Shal Lin? The Zha Jiang Mien (fried ground pork with black bean sauce) with the knife sliced noodles. The ground pork sauce isn't too salty, and has the soy bean paste I like in it. It's a solid bowl of noodles for me. At less than $7, it's a pretty good deal.

Large variety of noodles (soup, dry, fried..)
Less than $10 and quite filling
Very busy during peak hours
Personally, I like them much better than Peaceful!

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