October 12, 2012

Hapa Izakaya

After spending the day exploring North Vancouver, Ramune and I were getting pretty hungry. Since neither of us had been to the Hapa Izakaya, we decided to pay them a visit.
We started off with one of my favorite beers by Kirin. A great way to begin our meal.
The Ebi Mayo ($8.99) were perfectly fried, with just the right amount of batter and spicy mayo sauce. The ebi in combination with the slaw was quite enjoyable.

The Seafood Ishi-Yaki   was filled with a large assortment of seafood and the bubbling sauce quickly absorbed into the rice, making the dish amazingly flavorful and delicious. By far my favorite dish of the night.
  The Kinoko Ishi-Yaki, rice served in a piping hot stone bowl with an assortment of mushrooms was flavorful but since I'm not a big fan of mushrooms, I can't comment much about it. We started eating it before the rice could get crisp!
The Polenta Fries with arugula gel and soy-balsamic reduction sounded much better than it tasted. In reality, the dish was simple and good, but after the reading the description, I was anticipating something out of the ordinary. The polenta fries had a nice crispy exterior and with the soy-balsamic reduction and arugula gel, it was pretty good.

Hapa Izakaya prices overall, are on the pricier side and quickly add up. However, their dishes are enjoyable and solid.

Convenient location
Solid food (I haven't had a dish I didn't like from Hapa)

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