December 29, 2012

Pearl Castle

The chilly weather always makes me crave hot pot. Since ChilliPepper wanted Bubble Tea, and we were both pretty hungry, we headed to the nearby Pearl Castle for some eats.

I ordered my usual Intestine and Pig Blood Hotpot ($9.70), which came with the 3 daily sides, bowl of rice and grass jelly dessert.
The hot pot itself wasn’t very spicy but was quite flavorful. There was a good amount of intestine but very few cubes of blood, and plenty of “fillers.”
ChilliPepper ordered the Beef Noodle Soup. It definitely wasn’t one of the better ones we’ve had around here but it as OK. The broth lacked depth but the beef was very tender and delicious.
The Rose Milk Tea was disappointing. It didn’t have any of the fragrance of the rose and tasted like a standard milk tea.

Pearl Castle 圓香茶坊 (Richmond Centre) on Urbanspoon

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