November 14, 2011

Romano's Pizza

Romano's Pizza
902 Granville Street
Pizzas made daily
Open 10AM-4AM
Cheap+quick ($2/slice & $4/combo with tax)
Spicy chicken pizza
Potato pizza

I stumbled upon Romano's by chance as the Occupy Vancouver protest was happening on Robson and I had to find a place to eat nearby
One of the reasons I had not tried Romano's was due to the cleanliness of their location.  The sesame seeds. the  pizza sauce all over the tables and sticky flooring does not leave a good first impression (I resorted to using an old newspaper as a "table cloth")
Walking past the window, my eyes zoomed in on this.
The Spicy Potato Pizza. Potatoes and hot bell peppers on pizza is delicious. The skin-on potatoes are seasoned  and crisp. I wanted more. Seriously, I bought another slice to go.

Spicy Mushroom Pizza was good, but typical. The button mushrooms were slightly marinated and had a nice bit of heat to them and moisture. Rather than thinly slicing or halving the mushrooms, they are whole-something I don't come across too often anymore.

I ordered the combo, less than $5. It's a great deal whether it's for a quick lunch or a snack.

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