November 15, 2011

Higher Grounds

Higher Grounds
SFU Burnaby (MBC)
Convenient location
Made to order beverages
London Fog

I was recently introduced to London Fog's by a friend and I have been looking for a good cup on Campus.
Higher Grounds is my top pick for lattes and hot beverages around campus as other Cafes have yet to impress me.

Their London Fog ($3) is pretty good. The baristas do a pretty good job with their steaming skills (microfoam throughout)-much appreciated! It's lightly sweetened and fragrant with the earl grey tea. The earl grey tea used is by Numi, which often goes for around $3/cup at many coffee shops around town and a London Fog for $3 is a good deal. I always order mine with soy, I like the "nutty" flavor..another layer of flavor?


There is also a large selection of sandwiches and baked goods. I tried a few of their baked goods and don't recommend them. Their loaves (in basket) are dry and not the freshest.

Note: For those who prefer their drinks with soy, there is no added charge for it! 
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  1. I'm a bit obsessed with london fog these days too! we should be ladies and have tea at SFU next sem :)

  2. Yes, I'm a bit obsessed with hot drinks in the winter!