November 07, 2011

Mink Chocolates

Mink Chocolates
863 W.Hastings Street
Specializes in chocolates
Large variety of beverages and chocolate
Fondues available
Hot Chocolate-Milk & Dark

On any given cold and rainy day  (which is everyday in Vancouver), you may find me sitting by the window, with a cross word and Mink Chocolate's Hot Chocolate in my hand.

The Milk Chocolate Hot Chocolate  is probably one of the more well known hot chocolates around Vancouver for a reason. It's not syrup or powder based like drinks from Starbucks, Tim Hortons, or Cafe Artigiano. They use milk chocolate ganache, which has no water, powder or rehydrated and reconstituted ingredients; resulting in a delicious hot chocolate that's not too sweet.

With every beverage order is a Mink Chocolate. It's pretty good and I like it better than their white chocolate based products. It's dark but not bitter.
I wonder how many people have asked this question to make them put up a sign?

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