November 04, 2011


1626 W.Broadway
Japanese Izakaya
Founded by Kingyo Company
Reasonable prices+portions
Corn Kakiage
Pork Belly Stone Bowl
I wanted to go to visit Suika after reading positive reviews via posts and friends. My experience at Kingyo(Kingyo Post) was great and I hoped this one would be as well.
We arrived right at opening and were seated right away (also the reason why the restaurant looks so empty in my pictures).
Started out with their matcha tea. The teapots used made it feel like I was having a tea party.
For the appetizer, we ordered the Deluxe Suika Box($10). I ordered this after reading posts on this and expected it to be bigger than it was. Each item is ~teacup size and enough for two. There were so many dishes I forgot the names of many of them. The sashimi was fresh and delicious-the flavor combinations were yummy!  The crackers with lobster(?) spread was probably the least enjoyable as it was a bit on the bland side.
Corn Kakiage($4.80). Fried+butter+corn= recommended!The sweetness of the corn (they use organic), together with the creamy-saltyness from the butter and deep fried made was delicious. Each order comes with 3 pieces, I could easily have eaten 6.
Pork belly in Stone Bowl.The rice is mixed in front of you by your server and be careful not to touch the bowl right's hot! The pork belly (one of my favorite pork cuts) was tender and flavorful. The glaze was slightly sweet and the side toppings( fried shallots and onions) was a great combo.
-Note: Set the bowl aside for a few minutes to let the rice crisp up at the bottom!
I have already tried the Matcha Brulee($4.80), a frozen version of the creme brulee at Kingyo(Kingyo Post) and it is the same one at Suika.

Despite how some have considered Suika a more affordable version of Kingyo/other Izakayas, I thought the prices were comparable and reasonable. The dishes are generally under $10 but quickly add up. 

Food good? Yes. Over hyped? Most definitely.

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