April 08, 2012

Red Chicken Korean Restaurant

 Red Chicken Korean Restaurant is just off Robson, serving the typical Korean fare. It was a cold, windy day and I was looking for something warm. Sanpachi? Nahh, instead I headed for some Korean eats.

When we got there, only a few tables were occupied and they all ordered hot pots and seafood pancakes.

The menu had many of the usual dishes i.e bimbimbap, seafood pancake, hot pots and bulgogi.

I was actually hoping to find some  Ddukbokkie ( hot+ spicy rice cakes) or Kimchi Jjigae (Kimchi Soup) but there wasn't anything like that on the menu. Grrrrr....

I guess the good ol' Chicken soup is a safe bet. Plus, there's unlimited banchan (Korean side dishes)!

The Dak Gomtang ($9.95) w/ added rice cake ($1.95) wasn't memorable, it was actually a very boring meal. Chicken soup, simmered with chicken and some sesame oil added into it, all very unexciting. 
On the menu, it described the dish as though there was lots of bits of everything plus noodles in the soup. There was not much in there, aside from a few pieces of chicken and some strands of noodles.
I ordered a side of rice cake for the soup and they had a good QQ-chewy-bounce to them. There were plenty of rice cakes in the soup too.
The banchan's were not my favorite. The kimchi was too salty, and wasn't really sour and the mashed potato was sweet. It tasted really weird. Just my personal preferences I guess.
The bean sprouts were yummy. Seasoned with salt and pepper and sesame oil,I had at least 3 rounds of this. It's nothing out of the ordinary but I really liked them.

I probably wouldn't return as the food was just OK, and ordinary. 



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