April 10, 2012

Dae Ji

Dae Ji, a small Korean restaurant with a location Downtown and in Coquitlam is a long time favorite of many, including myself.

Some say this place is easy to miss but it's an orange restaurant!?

Any place with the word Pork (or any type of meat) sounds good!

I've been coming to Dae Ji for a number of years and their food has not changed one bit.

I come a little too often...their staff don't hand me their menus anymore. They know what I want already.

Recently, my mom has been interested in Korean food...too many K-Dramas and decided to order their Korean Fried Rice(~$10).It's hard to to tell by the picture but there is a lot of rice! It can feed 2 hungry tummies.The rice had great flavor from the Kimchi and not overly spicy. Pretty mild but tasty. You definitely get bits of Kimchi and rice in every bite.Needless to say, since this visit you will always find an order of this on our table.
The Pork Cutlets ($8.95) here ranks into my top 5 best pork cutlets in Vancouver. Tender, and juicy with a crispy batter, it's delicious. I have never had a dry, over fried cutlet from Dae Ji. Their food is always consistent and I highly recommend ordering this at least once to try.

The sauce is very Japanese inspired with the consistency similar to gravy. It has a distinct flavor that's hard to describe.

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  1. There's so much sauce! Don't know how I feel about that.

    Also, new look? I thought you moved to WP but then scrolled to the bottom and saw blogger lol. I like it!! :)

  2. I usually end up using up all the sauce haha
    Thanks :)
    I tried WP but it got too complicated for me!