April 12, 2012


Pink Berry is one of the most well known Froyo places around, as their company has locations globally.

The fact that celebrities like Justin Beiber, and Taylor Swift have been seen    grabbing some frozen yogurt doesn't hurt either!
Unlike Yogen Fruz and Qoola, Pink Berry lets you choose your froyo flavor and "unlimited toppings" but they do it all for you.

The yogurt flavors vary throughout the season but they always have their staple  s such as Original and chocolate.

I purchased an Indulge Living coupon for Pink Berry ($10 for $20), which I almost forgot to use until the 2nd last day!
We all decided to order the Peach flavor of frozen yogurt and it was really good. Creamy, tart and fragrance of peach, it's now my favorite!
Topping wise, they say you get "unlimited" but it's really just 3-4 items, depending on your server and the size of your toppings. Also, they pretty much just place all the yogurt in the center so there isn't as much froyo as it seems.
My favorite topping is their Pearls, It's kinda fun when they explode in your mouth-similar to Fruit Gushers (if you still remember those). Their mochi is popular but I prefer the Mochi from Qoola.

For 2 large and 1 small, it totaled to ~$22, pretty pricey for frozen yogurt in my opinion.

Tip: Pinkberry often has a promotion that when you purchase a $10 GC, you get a take home at 50% off. You can even ask your server to put toppings on it as well!

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