October 14, 2011

Siegel's Bagels

Siegel's Bagels has always been a place I would go whenever I was at Granville Island. They make their bagels and goods on-site, and a decent variety of flavors to choose from. 
Strawberry Regobeach
(back left)
I have never heard of a "Regobrach" nor can I pronounce this but it tasted like a buttery, flaky pie crust but croissant style. The generous amount of butter with the sweet and fresh strawberry filling was delicious. 
Next time, I must try some more!

Cinnamon Raison Bagel w/Butter
I'm so used to store bought, Costco bagels I forgot how tasty fresh ones from Siegel's were! It wasn't dry and tough but did have a good chewy-ness to it and plenty of raisins throughout.

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