October 17, 2011

Celine's Fish and Chips

After walking around and finishing my bagel from Siegel's, we walked around the Island in search for food. Ramune wanted some fish-n-chips and Celine's was just around the corner from where we were.
Apart from the usual fish-n-chips, they serve jumbo Vietnamese Salad rolls. I thought this was pretty random.
Cod Fish-N-Chips
The Tar Tar sauce was watery and bland, with the exception of diced pickles. Even Mcdonalds' tar tar is better.
The fries were short and lightly fried, bordering soggy and crisp. Ramune didn't like them at all. I thought they were alright, the best part of my meal.
My cod was undercooked!The batter was cooked, nice and airy on the outside but liquidy and doughy inside. I had a few bites and declared it inedible. The portion of fish was small and very fishy. It did not taste very fresh.
Halibut Fish-n-chips
The tar tar and fries were the same.
Ramune's piece was slightly better. His piece was cooked better but still undercooked. I don't think he finished his piece either.

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  1. I found this place was pretty bad as well. Best to stay away

  2. Yeah, just awful. Never again!