October 13, 2011

The Gypsy Bite

Those who have been to/live Langley will remember the "Hotdog Guy" at Superstore, who used to have a stand right infront of the entrace. There was a time when the stand was closed and a petition to bring him back was created!  
The guy is certainly interesting, with his yellow glasses, Italian accent and friendly chats. He even has a Psychology degree from Italy. 
After his stand closed, he moved his stand to right beside Superstore, where the bike rack used to be. At first glance, I thought it was a shed but upon further inspection, it was a Hot Dog stand. 
The Gypsy Bite  uses (of course) PC branded condiments, hot dogs, sausages...pretty much everything, except for chips. 

The Hotdog combo, priced at $2.50 is comparable to Costco's. It includes a PC pop and chips and choice of hot dog (polish sausage or beef). It's cheap and filling but the bun was fluffy and large, similar to a banh mi sandwiches but softer. 
If I was in the neighborhood, I would swing by again, but wouldn't make a trip just for this. 

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