October 10, 2011

A Quick Bite: Fresh Slice $1 Tuesdays

Over at Fresh Slice, they have $1 Tuesday's for all pizza slices. Having not tried Fresh Slice before, I figured, why not try it? At just a loonie, it's almost free. When I visited, it was in the mid afternoon and thus, no variety and there was only cheese or pesto. I decided to go for the latter.
Pesto Pizza-$1
The combination of cheddar cheese, mozzarella,pesto, and white sauce created a thick layer of grease. This was just bad. The dough had very little rise and very flat. I ended up using the plate to absorb the grease and  took off some of the toppings to make it edible.

Overall, at $1 it's cheap but you will probably need a couple slices just to fill you up. 
FreshSlice Pizza on Urbanspoon

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