October 04, 2011

Samurai Sushi Revisted

Another trip back to Samurai Sushi! We were about to head to Tony's for some Beef Noodle Soup but ended up grabbing takeout at Samurai instead.  

Chicken Teriyaki Roll
Since having a pretty good Chicken Teriyaki Roll over at Sushi Town and wanted to give Samurai's Chicken Teriyaki Roll another shot.
Made of dark meaqt, it was tender and had decent teriyaki flavor but  Sushi Town's is still my #1. This roll was bigger by at least 1/4 and filling. There was not as much rice as the usual rolls either.
California Roll
Warning: LOTS OF MSG. Maybe that's why I like this roll so much?  Just the usual but very moist and plenty of mayo.
Futomaki Roll
I don't particulary like yellow pickled daikon and mushrooms so this roll was not for me. 
Salmon Sashimi
One word: BAD. Not fresh, as you can tell by the color and had a fishy taste. It was Salmon season when we visited and I expected better quality (I don't have high expectations for Samurai ) but out of my many orders, I never had an order with quality this bad Samurai Sushi House (Cambie) on Urbanspoon.

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