September 30, 2011

Pho 99

On another trip back to Langley, I found myself eating pho again! Pho 99 has restaurant locations in Coquitlam and Richmond as well. Their menu leaves an impression that it caters to more Western clientele as they categorize dishes as "adventurous" and "beginners." Having recently had my wisdom teeth pulled out, MissYam and MochaQueen suggested we go to Pho 99 after all, we were all pretty "hungry".

The two of them ended up sharing a spring roll and salad roll, of which I just took a bite of. If I ate any more, I would feel more of a greedy pig than I already am. Hehehe. The spring roll was standard, with plenty of veggies and not overly fried. The salad roll was missing one important thing: bean sprouts! Aside from that, it was a normal salad roll with prawn (sliced in half), ham, and noodles. The fish sauce was missing the spice kick and peanut sauce, too sweet and heavy in hoisin sauce.
I went with one of the "adventurous" house specials, with sliced beef, tripe and tendon. There was very little meat, and noodles, especially since I had ordered a large. The rice noodles were nicely cooked but the soup was weak. It was oily and heavy in lemon grass, and lacked beef flavor.
Overall, I would head to Langley Vietnamese Cuisine for Pho in Langley. However, for a place outside of Vancouver, Pho 99 isn't bad, there's just better out there.
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