February 25, 2011

Goldies Rustic Pizza

En route to Acme Cafe, Fishballs and I came across Goldies. Seeing their open kitchen, who could resist looking at what was going on? Not only do they have eat-in dining, but takeout as well. Curious, we decided to grab a quick bite from this place.
This was really good, the corn with its sweetness and the saltyness of the ham plus the slight tart of the sauce, all went really well together. With so many toppings, it was quite heavy and because the dough(with a nice char, and hand-made feel) was very thin, my pizza was 'floppy' and difficult to eat without sitting down/plate. Just a slightly thicker dough would improve the pizza significantly.

Fishballs ordered this and it was nothing special. It was pretty forgettable-standard mushrooms and mozzarela cheese. The reason I brought this slice up was to show the difference in size. It was nearly half the size of my slice, I also noticed inconsistencies in portions for many of the other slices.

A convenient quickbite you could buy with change from your pockets
$2 specials daily
Portion sizes vary, choose wisely.

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