February 24, 2011

Chef Hung Taiwanese Noodle

I remember when Chef Hung Taiwanese Noodle just opened and line ups were up to an hour. For those who did line up was it worth it?

Before trying this place out, I contacted my relatives in Taiwan and asked if they heard of Chef Hung; they didn't. 

I had their beef noodle soup on a previous visit and was left very disappointed. The portion is small, noodles just OK, and the soup wasn't that great. Not enough depth but I liked how I could taste the soybean paste (doubanjiang 豆瓣醬).

This visit was not for their main dishes but their sides....

Fried Chive Pancake-$3.95
I expected this to have very little chives and more vermicilli/egg but in fact, it was the opposite! I love chives and of course, I loved the filling. The dough skin however, I didn't quite like. It had a flour-y dust all over. Plus, I would have preferred a thicker skin, like the pork pancake and a crispy exterior.  
Too bad this didn't come with some sauce, some kind of soy sauce+vinegar+sesame oil mixture which would perfectly with this. I used the chilli-oil but since it didn't have any heat or taste, it didn't do much.

Pan Fried Grounded Pork Cake-$3.50
(Should be renamed Pan Fried Grounded Pork and Chive Cake)
The one world to describe this is juicy. The ground pork had a good soysauce flavor and look...chives ! They were pan fried well and skin was perfect thickness. 

The beef noodle soup is a complete disappointment in terms of taste and authenticity, compare to Taiwan..are you crazy??!!
Prices are above average for most items.
Pan Friend Pork Cakes are a must if you order.
Would not recommend their milk-based bubble teas, tend to be overly milky, small, and overpriced. -Get one at the food court (Estea)...cheaper too.


  1. Buddha Boy liked it. My dad only enjoyed the soup but not the noodles.

    This place is way over-rated...can really only fool people who have not been exposed to the Taiwanese beef noodles in Taiwan...many of our friends said even the ones off the streets are better than this place.

    None of my Taiwanese friends here or in Taiwan heard of Chef Hung. Even my mom's friends and students in Taiwan asked around to their coworkers and no one has heard of him.

    This place is actually not owned by the actual Chef Hung, instead, it's a franchise bought by Fairchild.

  2. Oh really?
    I like how you know so much "background" info on all these places BG.

    I agree, it's more for the people who haven't been exposed to TBF, but I like how there are more and more taiwanese food places these days...I just wish we had 麵線 here!