February 23, 2011

Acme Cafe

Nestled amidst the shady 'Pubs' and empty yard lots, you can find Acme Cafe. I pass this place often on the way downtown and didn't have the chance to try it until recent. 

Soup of the Day- $4 (cup)
(Beet root and pomegranate + side toasted bread)
This soup was very 'interesting', you could definitely taste the beet root and pomegranate in this...I even found some of the seeds at the bottom of the bowl. There was also a strong cumin taste, which I didn't like.
The toasted bread as excellent, very fluffy-QQish texture...great if it came as a garlic bread.
Overall, although I didn't mind having this-maybe because I found it so different but would I order this next time? No. 
Mac-n-Cheese w/ Side Greens-$8
I was disappointed in this dish. First of all, I would have preferred some more crust in this dish to provide more texture. The macaroni was slightly overcooked for my taste, likely because it was cooked+baked. Some more cheese would be nice as beneath the cheesy top-layer was a mixture of what seemed like milk-melted cheese. -I don't even like cheese and I'm saying this! 
Acme Cafe also carries a large selection of pies, cheesecakes, cookies and other baked goods. I believe these are made in-house and do look quite tasty. I want to try their home-made Oreo cookie!

Reasonable prices and good portions.
Area is a bit sketchy up until there (coming from Chinatown).
I probably won't be revisiting this place as I overall didn't enjoy it and their menu doesn't seem to have much that excites me.

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