February 21, 2011

Mink Chocolates

Welcome to the land of chocolate goodness. Upon entering, you immediately get a whiff of the delicious chocolate and a sugar high.

After having lunch with Buddha Girl, we went to Mink to chat some more. I love waffles, especially Japanese style waffles and this was my first time having a Belgium waffle. 

By Any Other Name-$7
(white chocolate with rose petals)

I had high expectations for this since Mink is well know for their chocolates. I expected the chocolate to be fragrant but it wasn't. The petals seemed to be just for show. The milk chocolate was good, but nothing special.
Overall, considering both the price and what I got, I did not think this was worth it. 

(Strawberries, Whip Cream, Original Waffle, Chocolate Drizzle)

Strawberries+cream+Belgium waffle=delish! 
The waffle was very good. Mildly sweet, with a slight crunch from the sugar and not too dry.
Personally, I still prefer Japanese/Asian waffles just due to the taste and texture.

Milk Hot Chocolate(38%)
Mink has got to be my favorite place for hot chocolate. They use real chocolate, none of that syrup stuff you see at many places. It isn't too sweet and I would recommend getting this with skim because 2%/3.25% would make it too milky and rich.
I like how they give a chocolate square (very good!) with each beverage ordered.

The Verdict
Great place for anything chocolate but a bit pricey. But hey, you get what you pay for.

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  1. Yea...I was kinda disappointed with the white chocolate one too...I thought it would have the fragrance from the rose or something...grrr...

    The waffles were nice...but not the best I have had.

    We should do this again...lunch/dinner then dessert...or lunch/dinner then sing! Hahahahaha!