February 17, 2011

Dae Ji

Finally a post of a "non-dessert"!
This place is always busy around lunch time, filled with students of nearby schools and office workers. Dae Ji offers a good meal, at a fair price. There menu is simple, with just two sides and a daily special but has enough variety for me to be satisfied.

Dae Ji Pork Cutlet (#1)-$7.99

It comes with 2 pieces of pork cutlet, rice + 3 sides: cabbage salad, pickled daikon, corn and spicy macaroni salad.
I really enjoy the pork cutlets here. They are not oily, fried upon order and are nicely breaded. The pork cutlets are tender and are not pounded to the point where they are paper thin.

The sauce is similar to Tonkatsu but with a gravy like texture. There is a strong aroma of cinnamon but the taste of it is not strong. I liked how there was enough sauce for my cutlets and my rice.

The sides were all just OK, nothing special but I do like how it completes the meal. 
The cabbage salad was fresh and the dressing is similar to Thousand Island but less tangy. 
The portion of macaroni was just enough for two bites, I wanted more. This although has hints of red from the pepper, was not spicy at all.There was some gochchujung in it perhaps?
The corn was just corn, likely from a can and pickled daikon, which I am no fan of so I left it on the plate untouched.

The Verdict
A good place for a solid, reasonably priced meal that is surprisingly filling! 

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  1. OMG!!! You need to make the font size bigger girlfriend!!! The oldie Buddha Girl is having hard time reading the post...hahahahaha! Yes finally a "non-dessert" post!!! After all my complaints!!! Hahahahaha!

    Hey let's visit this place next time...it seems yummy!!!

  2. OKOK,
    I am still trying to get used to blogger, I feel so behind ==". I got some non-dessert reviews lined up now hehehehe.