February 28, 2011

Weekend Munching: The Eatery & A Taste of Vietnam

A quick visit to the Eatery and Taste of Vietnam one chilly, snowy afternoon...

The Eatery

I was very disappointed by the Eatery. RamuneBoy had wanted to visit the Eatery for quite some time so off we went. We arrived just a few minutes after they opened and it was quite busy already. Once inside, I was quick surprised how dark it was, the only light source were candles and sunlight. I did not like this; I couldn't see my food! 
We ordered 4 rolls and all were sub-par. Plus, I couldn't really see what I was eating since it was so dark!

Volcano Roll-$8.95 (above)
(tuna,scallop, salmon and avacado, tempura style, on a lava bed of spicy crab meat)
Out of the 4 rolls we ordered, this was the only one that was alright. What saved this dish was the crab meat on top of the rolls. It was very creamy, a bit too salty and not spicy at all. Never the less, it went well with well with the roll (we ended up adding it on top of all the rolls). The rice was very mushy, and I did not like the vinegar they used...very disappointing.

Viva Las Vegas-
$7.50 (not pictured)
(crab, eel, avacado, cream cheese, spicy mayo, tempura style)
RamuneBoy considered this one of the best cream cheese rolls he had and was his favorite roll he had.
The cream cheese brought this roll together but nothing special really.
This roll was also deep fried and again, did not enjoy the rice at all.

Disappointing and bland, sub-par sushi, although ideas very are very creative
Over priced, small portions
Funkiest funkiest place for Japanese food? More like the darkest place.

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A Taste of Vietnam

RammuneBoy and I weren't full at all after our trip to the Eatery, and since we were both craving a cup of Vietnamese coffee, headed to A Taste of Vietnam. 

Chicken Wings-$8.50
Chicken wings at a Vietnamese restaurant? Yes, and might I dare say, comparable to Phenom Penh! They were juicy and the batter made for a QQ skin, all tossed with fried onion. The sauce was tart and like nothing I tasted before. All I know is that there was lemon juice+salt/pepper. 
RamuneBoy loves their wings and hogged all the dipping sauce! I guess he really likes them.

Did not try enough of their menu to come to any sort of conclusion.
Large menu with quite a few items that I have never seen (ex. Mango-basil roll) 
Serve wine/beer-my first time seeing this in a Vietnamese restaurant

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  1. Definitely agree with you on what you said about the The Eatery. I really don't see the appeal. Maybe it's funky because of all the interior design?... but then again, it's so dark in there. Definitely can find better sushi else where!