July 06, 2012

Richmond Night Market: Part One

The Richmond Night Market is back after 5 years. They used to be where the Summer Night Market but due to some issues, went on hiatus. Located right beside River Rock Casino, it's bigger and has the largest Food Court area of the two night markets. That makes me a happy girl!
I went during the early opening weeks in May when admission was only $1 but it's $1.50 now. At least they have plenty of parking and it's free.
TIP: If you go more than once and with a group, I highly recommend you go purchase one of their passes. It'll be less than $1 per visit and you can bypass the heavy lineups.

Since we decided to swing by after going to the Summer Night Market, I was still pretty full from my crunchy dogs.
The Richmond Night Market has more variety and choices vs Summer Nightmarket but their prices are a little higher. 
Taiwanese Pan Fried Oyster Omelettes 蚵仔煎!! It's one of my favorite foods, and I remember having 3 in one sitting while at Shi Lin Night Market in Taiwan. Such a piggy.

They make the to-order, and it was slightly disappointing. Typically, an Oyster omelet has fresh oysters, egg, and veggies, in a potato starch batter and fried on a hot griddle. It's then drizzled with a chilli-sauce.
The texture was too gummy, and very bland but since there's no other place I can get them around here (that I know of), it's better than nothing.
Pictures of food by vendors are deceiving, where is my egg and oysters? Grr!

Next time, I'm trying their cold noodles and mien xian!

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