June 30, 2012

Honolulu Cafe檀島茶餐廳

Honolulu Cafe on Kingsway is a Hong Kong Cafe popular for their mini-meals and late night snacks. Their portions are large, and inexpensive. It's one of those Restaurants where you can find many of the locals grabbing a bite.
Whenever I head to HK cafes, I tend to order their club pastas. I really enjoy the sunny side up egg swirled into the tomato sauce!
We arrived in time for their mini-meals, all of which are under $10 and their portions are generally not mini, and can be enough for two. It also includes a drink as wel.
The Club Pasta at Honolulu is not my favorite. Their sauce not as tangy as Boss or other HK Diners. The club has a little bit of everything, from ham to mushrooms, chicken, and carrots. The portions are quite large, though I used to be able to finish the entire thing (I'm getting old!). I still order this during the majority of my visits. 

Their drinks are pretty average, but I find them too sweet. I always ask for less sugar. 

The Pepper Chicken was "average."Chicken with pepper, it's hard to mess up. ChilliPepper really enjoyed this though.

One BIG peeve I have about this place is their service. It's one of the worst I have received, and when paying cash, they take forever to give you back your change. It's a tactic they use for extra $$ tips. I'm sorry, but a $10 tip on a meal like this won't be happening.  You either will have to wait 10+minutes for your change, but I get frustrated and walk straight to the cashier.

Mini-Meals not served all day (certain times)
The food not the best but it's the only HK Cafe in the neighbourhood.

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  1. I used to go to Honolulu Cafe until their service and quality went downhill (haven't gone for a few years).

    So, I'm always on the lookout for a good HK cafe. My current favourites are BT Cafe on Kingsway near Fraser, and the Dragonlord cafe on Fraser near 47th?.

    Check them out. Their baked pork chop and fried rice is pretty good, along with their mini sets too.

  2. I agree, the quality isn't as great as before. It's just a convenient location for me.
    I haven't had BT Cafe yet, will be on my list to visit places this summer!