June 24, 2012

Black Rook Bakehouse

Black Rook Bakehouse makes all their goods from scratch. They have some of the most drool-worthy pies and muffins I have seen in a long time!
They have a large, industrial bakery where you can see everything. They have nothing to hide, and you can even see them baking when you're there.
After picking up some baked goods from EastVillage across the street, I noticed Black Rook Bakehouse. The name sounded pretty familair, then I realized I follow on Twitter...the power of social media.

Everything looked so good, with a "homemade from scratch" feel.  Since I already bought some pastries at East Village, I had resist trying everything.
That Banana Blueberry Muffin($1.95) was crying EAT ME!EAT ME! :)
This was a great muffin. Filled with blueberries in every bite, and the moisture and richness from the banana, I really enjoyed this. The muffin also as a crunchy top, I could eat this every day. I highly recommend trying their muffins.
S.O.B? The name of the brownie led me to assume it's for those days when you just want to eat a tub of brownies with a carton of ice cream. It actually stands for "Single Origin Brownie."  made with 72% Venezuelan chocolate. I prefer brownies that are chewy, similar to to 2-bite brownies. This one was soft, dense, and rich. 
We also ordered a slice of the Chocolate Brownie Cream Pie ($4.50). I only had a bite or two of this but was very creamy. It wasn't as chocolatey and didn't have much of the "Brownie" aspect. It was a little disappointing. Then again, I don't like cream pies so my opinion may be a bit biased.

Baked in house and made from scratch
Recommend trying their muffins
Their savory pies are popular
Items sell out pretty quickly

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