March 30, 2012

Sweet Puritea

Sweet Puritea
•Fresh fruit slushes & milk teas
•Across from Gilmore Skytrain
•Strawberry slush w/pearls


Puritea is a small bubble tea joint near Gilmore Station. They have regular BBT, real fruit slush as well as yoghurt slushes.
I remember reading about Puritea a while ago and we decided to give it a try since we had plenty of time to spare.

The Strawberry slush was better than expected. Made of strawberries (frozen?) and ice, it tasted like I was drinking a frozen strawberry. There was no artificial strawberry syrup or that wierd aftertaste. I could even detect the pectin in it!
The pearls were one of the best I had in 604. Very surprising. They were QQ (good bounce and chew), big, and sweetened just right.

I wouldn't make a trip just to visit Puritea but if I was nearby, I wouldn't mind giving them another try.

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