March 29, 2012

Hilltop Cafe Diner

Hilltop Cafe Diner
•Old Diner in Aldergrove
Beef burgers are made fresh daily
Take the Everest Challenge :)

The MOUNTAIN Burger. The EVEREST burger. Just the names of these bad boys convinced me to check out Hilltop Diner Cafe in Aldergrove (Langley).
Located on Fraser Highway, it's popular with the locals in the immediate area and people passing through.

Their signs and menus advertise their Pies as their specialty but it seems most diners stuck with their burgers and sandwiches.
The restaurant decor was very "Diner-y," with old bar stools, 90's chairs, and stacks of jam packets on the table.  

The Mushroom Burger had a pile of mushrooms and onions, on a beef patty (made fresh daily). I forgot to tell them no onions and picking out each sliver was time consuming but worth it.The mushrooms were fresh, flavorful and cooked to just the right tenderness. The beef patty...oh the beef patty. Seasoned just right, fresh juicy, and delicious. I enjoyed it to the last bite! It's very filling too.
I opted for a poutine instead of fries. Their fries are handcut, and the cheese curds didn't squeak :(. It was a OK poutine. Next time, I'll stick with the regular fries instead.

Mountain Burger or Everest Burger? Try it and get your picture up on their wall of fame!
The Mountain had: thee 5oz beef patties, tomato, lettuce, baked ham, sausage, bacon, mozza & cheddar cheese, mushrooms, onions...I think I forgot a few ingredients. Too many to list!
Compared to the Everest Burger, judging by the contents of each, it's likely more flavorful.

My favorite layer of the burger was the house sausage. It had great texture,smokiness, and flavor. I suspect it's house made.
The onion rings were average. My favorite onion rings are at Codney's Fish and Chips.

Hands down my fave burger place in Langley!

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