February 03, 2012

Phoenix Garden

Phoenix Garden

Push cart dim sum
 Inexpensive and good portions
Sticky Rice with lotus leaf in clay pot
Does this place look familiar? It was formerly known as Golden Phoenix but is under new management/owners.   The former owner opened up Cindy's Palace just up the street.
Call me old fashioned but I prefer my dim sum presented in push carts. I like to see my food before I order it!

 The new paper system is convenient but I find I end up ordering too much or too little, food gets missed etc. with family and large group get togethers. 
Here, they use a combination of paper system and push carts. We ordered a few on the menu and in the push carts.

The Ha Gow was average. Shrimp was crunchy but too much msg and salt. The skin was not too thick or gooey. The ones before were better. 
I had a bite of the Shu Mai and it was crunchy, had the "meat texture" but still, a bit too over tenderized. It had quite a bit of chopped Chinese mushrooms, and if you like them, you'll enjoy it. I however, dislike Chinese Mushrooms and avoid it as much as possible!
One of my ATF from Golden Phoenix used to be their steamed pork ribs (Pai Gu) but this version was too salty, over tenderized, and garlicky. We didn't enjoy this.

The Ja Liang (rice flour rolls wrapped in Chinese donut) was mediocre. The donut was nice and hot but a bit too little oily. Since I really enjoy this, I would order it again but it's not a very good version...
While we were eating, we noticed quite a few tables ordering this "mysterious clay pot with a leaf on it" and we decided to try it out.
The English description is pretty unappealing and boring: Sticky Rice with lotus leaf in clay pot.
It was yummy! The sticky rice was was chewy and fragrant. The filling of the rice is at the bottom so make sure to mix it well. It had bits of pork, scallop, chicken, and Chinese Mushroom. It was flavorful and delicious. 

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